This Notice is prepared and furnished pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/1 et.seq. The Village of Spaulding is a municipal corporation organized under the laws of the State of Illinois. It operates under the President/Trustee form of government with the elected Council consisting of the President/Mayor and six trustees.

The Administrative Office is located at:

111 East Prairie Street, Spaulding, IL 62561

Phone: (217) 629-8188

Fax: (217) 629-8405

Requests for records of the Village may be made at the above address, in writing, addressed to Jean Hillyer, Office Administrator.

Requests filed under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act are themselves public records and subject to FOIA requests as well. Statutory allowed fees will be charged. To create a FOIA request you may use the online form HERE, alternatively download printable request form HERE and email to


Bill Hinkle - Mayor

Jessica Fuess - Clerk

Jennifer Grant - Secretary/Treasurer

Finance and Ordinance Committee

Kathy Tega (Chair)

Jill Kelle

Mike Foster

Street and Public Works Committee

Dustin Brown

Jeb Brown

Health and Animals Committee

Mike Foster (Chair)

Kathy Tega

Jeb Brown

Police and Public Safety Committee

Dustin Brown (Chair)

Jill Kelle

Kathy Tega

Liquor and Recreation

Jill Kelle (Chair)

Dustin Brown


Jeb Brown (Chair)

Mike Foster